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Corporate Culture


  Jiangxi Zhongtian Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (ZTM) was founded in 2003. The development history of ZTM for more than ten years is a history of internal and external cooperation, a history of  hand in hand and development with all parties together. For more than ten years, ZTM has always been aiming at creating customer value, adhering to the quality policy of "focusing on customer satisfaction, focusing on continuous improvement". ZTM has now developed into a leading brand in construction machinery industry.


  Our mission is to "provide customers with high-quality goods and build the foundation with integrity". Customers are the foundation of our survival and development, as well as the reason and value of our existence; it is our unremitting pursuit to provide customers with comprehensive construction product solutions and first-class services based on customer needs; integrity management is ZTM unchanging business pursuit for ever, ensuring product safety, protecting customer interests, and ensuring product quality are our unchanging beliefs.


    Through years of sincere unity and cooperation with customers, we have enhanced our service awareness, improved our management level, improved our service system, and promoted the continuous development and growth of each other's businesses. ZTM sincerely appreciates our customers for understanding and supporting us, always with gratitude, sincerely treats every customer, and provides high-quality products with considerate and professional services.


   "Treat challenges as opportunities and fight bravely" is the spirit bestowed by the times. The tower crane and construction hoist industry is the same as other industries, always ups and downs, but always moving forward. We are optimistic about the prospects of the construction machinery industry and devote ourselves to this glorious cause. In the process of chasing dreams, there are challenges and crises, but the warriors wins when we meet in a narrow way. We must regard every challenge as an opportunity to improve ourselves and challenge ourselves. We will not change due to changes in the world, but develop in accordance with the development of the times.


     Since 2015, ZTM has formulated three five-year plans based on "quality, character, and taste". The first five-year plan is based on "quality" and the goal is to "make domestic first-class products and become a world famous brand". "Quality" here includes not only high product quality, high configuration and high performance, but also high efficiency of service, harmony of the team, personal quality and others.